The Perfect Date Night?

I don’t know about you but anything to do with truffles and a Brass Band and I am all in!

I bought tickets to see Renegade Brass Band so long ago I’d completely forgotten about it, and only happened across the calendar reminder on Friday afternoon. My what a pleasant surprise – I love having a shit memory, it keeps things fresh.

Anyhoo; after a day spent in DIY purgatory sanding the hallway and after one of those showers that feels like its the best one you’ve ever had as it washes the dust, grime and doldrums away, I slapped on a bit of face paint and headed into Shoreditch with the Jetman.

We were on the hunt for a quick bite and I had a hankering for a nice burger but we had to get to the gig so didn’t want to waste time sitting in a restaurant. The food gods were listening and couldn’t have answered my prayers more succinctly. Hello ‘Flat Top Burgers@Block, streetfood court in Shoreditch

My mouth is still watering in memory of that Truffle Burger – think chunky yet soft beef patty (I saw them put the cheese on top of the cooked patty then pop a lid over it after squirting a little water on the grill to add steam), truffle cheese with truffle mayo and truffle glaze in a bap; even the rosemary salt fries were special. I loved the selection of craft beers and was impressed that the Kingpin’s we had were nice and cold.  It was the perfect start to our night.

A 3 minute walk down the road and we were at Richmix (cinema, café arts complex on Bethnal Green Road) in time to catch the last few songs of brass collective, Full Tilt. It’s unkind of me but I couldn’t help wondering if they all met in and American Pie version of bandcamp? They did a great job of warming the audience up; plenty of toes a tapping and dancing happening….though if I’m honest it was only the last half of the last song when they launched into a bit of a brass/drum and bass number that they completely reeled me in.

After a brief interlude it was time for the main act…

Love is a hard thing to describe, it has so many facets that sparkle in different light catching hues, you never know when it’s going to hit you.  I had never seen Renegade Brass band before and had no idea if a hip hop brass band was my thing, I was there on a whim… but as soon as they launched into their first song ‘boom!’ cupids arrow, in your face.

The recipe is perfect: a drummer and percussionist keep things super tight and swinging in the back line, while the scratch DJ is spicing things up on the side, an 8 piece all-star brass section ignites the flames deep in your very soul making you soar and roar and praise the heavens above while the MC throws gasoline on the fire until we were all melting in the pot, smiles splitting our faces as we dissolved.

I honestly haven’t enjoyed a gig that much in ages, superlatives’ aside, these guys are consummate musicians, they make it look easy, its a polished yet laid-back performance with engaging banter between songs, they look like they’re all mates having a great time and everyone’s swept along for the ride.

I love bands that make you lose your shit and leave your cool at the door – I was a sweaty mess by the end, giddy and post-coital-like as I floated out the door.

Now that’s what I call a perfect date night.  I cant recommend it enough.

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