So, I like to sing….

Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you’re a singer and actually put something out there.

Hi everyone, so Ive just come back from a lovely couple of days visiting friends in the country. Last night we were having a ‘karaoke moment’ (don’t judge:-) and came across this Melanie Martinez version of Britney Spear’s Toxic. It’s my first ever You Tube video and this is just the 2nd take, so please be kind or kindly constructive?

I do recognise there I way too much nostril for comfort:-) but I kinda felt that I needed to get this song sung, get over my 1st time nerves and upload it before I lost my nerve.

Recorded my masterpiece *cough* on an iPhone that was resting against the computer (showing a karaoke website) with sound played through the monitor speakers – budget in a gadgety kinda way.  I know – totally selling it right?  You might prefer to listen with the screen blank?  Just saying.

Laters Navigators x


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