A boozy foodie weekend with friends in Barcelona…not your average guide.

The Jetman and I have been to Barcelona before, in fact this was my 3rd visit – so I’ve ticked off the usual touristic haunts and was looking for a new kind of adventure, also, this trip was just one day after we’d returned from Garmisch snowboarding so we didn’t have a lot of pep left for sightseeing…I’m just managing your expectations here.
What started out as a tired limp to the airport end up a full throttle belter of a middleaged-hipster weekend, thanks to some advice from local friends we ate at amazing restaurants, then (all by our google-selves) found a great live music club, brunch venues, fab coffee and threw in a quirky tour for good measure. All of that in a weekend!

Here is outline the itinerary, click on the links for broader reviews on some venues.
This is how we roll….
Day One
12.00 – Arrive in Barcelona, head to our Hotel Bagues, catch up with friends and enjoy GnT fuelled spring sunshine for a couple of hours…followed by a nap. Travel is exhausting dahhhlings.

 – Dinner; unfashionably early for Spain but Canete only have 2 sittings 20.00 – 22.00 or 22.00 – 12.00. Fantastic ‘Tapas with a twist’ restaurant, the staff are amazing, the food fabulous and the wine…well, that was rather lovely too. Top points for best Menu Cover, toilet roll holder ever and loo paper storage – strange but true.

22.00 – Cocktails anyone? Great idea? First Bar …that’s actually its name was found via narrow winding ally’s of the Gothic sector. Post-it Note decorated and Gin-tastic! The Spanish love gin, they titivate-create with it and pour’em nice and strong.

23.00-24.00 ??? – It was late,  Marula Café. We only caught the last 5 songs of band but the club was cooooool and the DJ’s quirky. If you’re out with a big group of friends who have disparate tastes in music this could be the place for you – on our night we were treated to rock n roll, soul, ska, Jamaican rocksteady – great fit. Much dancing and merry making ensued.

Day Two, dawned too early
09.00 – Breakfast @ La Esquina, 8 minute walk from the hotel, good coffee, eggs benedict. We didn’t have much time to be adventurous and were feeling a little jaded from the night before but it’s defo worth a visit if you’re in the area.
10.30 – Urban Adventures Photography Tour; so flipping good! Checkout the full write-up here.
17.00 – 20.00 siesta time – have I mentioned how much I love Spain and the way of the siesta?!
9.00pm – dinner @Lascar 74. Ceviche restaurant, out of this world good! Just go.
After our previous night of dancing we all just headed back to the hotel for drinks after dinner.

Day 3
10.00 – Time for brunch before heading to the airport. Satans Corner was a heavenly experience. Cool vibe, fab coffee, lovely food.

So that’s our weekend – not the most culturally aware but everyone had a bloody good time!

Any off-beat Barcelona tourist tips about Barcelona you want to share?  I’d love to hear from you.


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