A Devil Of An Idea

After attending my Cocktails in Care-homes induction last night (more to come on that after my 1st party next week) it felt fitting to go have a drink, the first place my gal pal and I came across in Bethnal Green happened to be called Satan’s Whiskers, so this triggered a memory of some fab coffee in Barcelona at Satan’s Coffee Corner and another of a rooftop bar I happened across on Instagram last week; they liked a pic, I liked their name – Naked for Satan.

So what’s with all these satanically named hipster joints? Is it now cutting-edge-cool to stroll over to the dark side sipping a Manhattan or organic coffee? It got me thinking, and Googling. When I searched more broadly, using names affiliated with the devil and Lucifer, the food and beverage offerings are (almost) eternal.

Hmmm I’m curious? Is it just a backlash to the terror most of us were instilled with as kids, face the fear and give it the finger by naming a bar, beverage or food joint after it? Am I drawn to such irreverent establishments because I’ve unwittingly signed up to burn in hell through some mean thought or perhaps because I swear too much?

What worries me is that I’ve really enjoyed my libations within Satans not-so-fiery abodes.  Am I a bad bad girl?  Oh well, I think the damage is probably done now so no point worrying about it.

There are pages and pages of venue’s on t’internet but these are my favorites:

  • Lucifer Fondue – Great idea, fondue is probably what every tortured soul in Belgium needs.
  • Naked for Satan – ‘Er, it’s not what it looks like, I’m naked for Satan!’ Read the story behind the name on their website its totes endearing. Oh and if you’re in Melbourne, check it out!
  • Satans Whiskers – no witty segue just lovely staff, gorgeous cocktails, uber cool vibe.  #IheartLondon
  • …and of course, the one that started all this Satan’s Coffee Corner in Barcelona

For the record, I’m not into satanic worship and no cute fury animals were sacrificed in the writing of this post – although there was that chicken, for lunch.

Laters navigators. x


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