After all the fun festivals and whatnot we’ve been up to this summer, a weekend at home with nothing planned is a wondrous thing.

This weekend was dedicated to music.  The Jetman and I have been much inspired by the Dutty Moonshine and Madam Electrifie sets we caught at Beatherder, so Jetman had a go at an Electro Swing/ Deep bass track…. and  it’s flipping awesome!  I put my two pennies worth in on Sunday adding lyrics and vocals.  It’s now a song about encouraging street artists to be more considered with their art and anarchy –  I’m opposed to names squiggled on walls but passionate about thought and emotion provoking street art.  Art like music is hard to wax lyrical about without sounding like a wanker but I think we got the tone right, time will tell.

As well as that I bashed out a quick and dirty duet with Billy Holiday:-).  Found a fab remix of Summertime by Organica which is one of my all-time favorite songs, so I had to have a bit of a sing along – it evolved in to a video of the live recording.

Can’t say I’m comfortable with seeing myself on video but have a strange need to desensitize myself to the process.  I’m quite sure there will be people who say ‘who does she think she is?’ or they wont like what I’m doing (Mum thanks for the constructive criticism) but inclinations towards certain aesthetics and musical taste are all about personal preference and there is someone out there who’ll get it…..hopefully.

This is a journey and I’m on the 1st steps, I totally get that there’s plenty of room for improvement but ya gotta start somewhere!

So here’s the Sunday Session recording – it sounds better with headphones and it’s a slow builder of a track.  If you have any questions about the recording process message me?

Laters navigators. x


Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you’re a singer and actually put something out there.

Hi everyone, so Ive just come back from a lovely couple of days visiting friends in the country. Last night we were having a ‘karaoke moment’ (don’t judge:-) and came across this Melanie Martinez version of Britney Spear’s Toxic. It’s my first ever You Tube video and this is just the 2nd take, so please be kind or kindly constructive?

I do recognise there I way too much nostril for comfort:-) but I kinda felt that I needed to get this song sung, get over my 1st time nerves and upload it before I lost my nerve.

Recorded my masterpiece *cough* on an iPhone that was resting against the computer (showing a karaoke website) with sound played through the monitor speakers – budget in a gadgety kinda way.  I know – totally selling it right?  You might prefer to listen with the screen blank?  Just saying.

Laters Navigators x


Sooo, this isn’t an easy thing to do, I’m gonna share a barely-there song I’ve been dabbling with.  The backing track is my own work, it’s umm, basic.

The intention here is to (hopefully) show the development of a track.  I’m looking for musical ideas, I’m open to where this goes, though I had something with a cool mellow-ish dance vibe in my head.  Songs can completely change when you put more minds in the melting pot, perhaps there could be a few remix versions. I’m curious to see….

(A) Is anybody reading this blog? 🙂

(B) Is it possible to marry incongruous ideas and evolve this project into something way cooler than I could do on my own?

(C) Technically, is this possible?

I’ve worked remotely with a producer before, been sent tracks and recorded my bits on Logic/ Garageband, then sent them back via dropbox for more tinkering.  I’m thinking something along the same lines could work here. If we have no producers in the pot I can put things together then take the project to a guy I know for tweaking, at a cost.

Have you got a cool riff,  fat beats, or luscious loop up your sleeve?  Please somebody with some decent production skills get in touch!

So that’s the challenge; I’m taking a deep calming breath, leaping and hoping the landing is soft.

‘We All Fall Down’ is about my fear as I view todays world and watch the machinations of powerful people – its our lives and our planet they toy with.  Slow at the start but it builds….at this stage.


Small Print

If by some small miracle this idea kicks off I think it’s good to state that all proceeds would be divided equally between participants once any production costs are deducted.  My time is free and 50% of any earnings I may make on this will go to Greenpeace.

Laters navigators x