Crowd Create – Shall We Experiment?

Sooo, this isn’t an easy thing to do, I’m gonna share a barely-there song I’ve been dabbling with.  The backing track is my own work, it’s umm, basic.

The intention here is to (hopefully) show the development of a track.  I’m looking for musical ideas, I’m open to where this goes, though I had something with a cool mellow-ish dance vibe in my head.  Songs can completely change when you put more minds in the melting pot, perhaps there could be a few remix versions. I’m curious to see….

(A) Is anybody reading this blog? 🙂

(B) Is it possible to marry incongruous ideas and evolve this project into something way cooler than I could do on my own?

(C) Technically, is this possible?

I’ve worked remotely with a producer before, been sent tracks and recorded my bits on Logic/ Garageband, then sent them back via dropbox for more tinkering.  I’m thinking something along the same lines could work here. If we have no producers in the pot I can put things together then take the project to a guy I know for tweaking, at a cost.

Have you got a cool riff,  fat beats, or luscious loop up your sleeve?  Please somebody with some decent production skills get in touch!

So that’s the challenge; I’m taking a deep calming breath, leaping and hoping the landing is soft.

‘We All Fall Down’ is about my fear as I view todays world and watch the machinations of powerful people – its our lives and our planet they toy with.  Slow at the start but it builds….at this stage.


Small Print

If by some small miracle this idea kicks off I think it’s good to state that all proceeds would be divided equally between participants once any production costs are deducted.  My time is free and 50% of any earnings I may make on this will go to Greenpeace.

Laters navigators x




  1. flipsidenavigator
    31st July 2017 / 9:11 pm

    Nomes you’re a bloody legend, love that idea! Drop boxing you a version now.

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