Fashionably Late Dahhhlings

When you get invited to London Fashion Week – its rude not to jump in with both feet.

Alright so this post was written while I was still in the creating stages of FN but it was a fab day and there were some great snaps that really need to be shared.

So, my friends husband – cool guy; I always knew he did something vaguely related to the fashion industry but ya know how it is, we’d meet out at parties and always have a nice but brief chat.  Anyway, last party there was talk of gathering the girls and attending a fashion show at London Fashion Week.

Um, turns out said husband is the founder and creative director of Fashion Scout which (according to the website) is the UK’s largest independent showcase for emerging and established design talent.  For the laymen out there, that means they put on shows for fashion designers.

We gals were treated like VIP’s , whisked past queues of people to gain entry, given all access badges, had our own private backstage area, a tour of the dressing room, a goodie bag, celeb spotting (although there were only 2 of the assembled Fabulous Dahhlings that I could put names to) and escorted to and from shows by a chap with a clipboard and ear piece and a ‘they’re with me’ way with security.  I could barely sleep that night as the day kept replaying in snippets.

The Hat Brigade – Billy & Martyn Roberts

The event was held at London’s Freemasons Hall in Holborn.  I’ve always wanted to have a look around this building having seen it on the event planner websites I use for work.  Sadly it would somewhat blow my staff Christmas party budget.

Granted the venue, show itself, the clothes and the staging were simply amazing (check out Pam Hogg’s Autumn Winter Collection here on Vogue’s website) but for me as a newbie to all this, it was the iconic imagery of end-of-runway banks of camera’s snapping away, the crazy and cool of fashion’s glitterati assembled and the pre-show mid-runway paparazzi posing that captivated me; talk about visual candy!

Big thanks to Martyn and Biba Roberts and the team at Fashion scout for a spectacular day.


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