Never be bored again!

Another May bank holiday is nearly upon us, if you’re bored of doing the same ole same ole, this post is for you.

It’s no secret that London is one of the greatest cities on earth, it’s a melting pot glamour, grit, art, history, culture, architecture…. the list is endless and on any given day you can look at the Time Out website and find loads of gig’s, theater shows, exhibitions and such to see.

So London’s great, amazing and all that jazz, and while I love to do all of the above, I love a bit of off-beat-quirky even more.

Here are my go-to websites when I’m looking for something a little different to do.


Great idea – people sharing their passions (not in that way, gutter-mind) anyone can host an event dependent on their hobby, knowledge or talent.  You buy tickets through the website, roll the dice and take a punt.

I’ve had a couple of great evenings so far, the 1st one being a talk about the Sex Myth with the author Rachel Hills, apparently most people think everyone else has a better sex life than themselves.   I also went to a bloggers talk (which was just the inspiration and motivation I needed before starting this blog) and I have just signed up for a Tarot Club night (why not??), I bought a pack years ago and never really learnt how to use them.

On my to-do list is a Loo Tour of London, Graffiti Workshop and an Instagram Photography walk/workshop.  There are hundreds of weird and wonderful pools to dip your toes in to, check Funzing out – you can thank me later.


This is a recent discovery.  Basically it’s a resource for finding craft/ hobby courses in your area.  In a couple of weeks the Jetman and I are doing a Welding for Artists introduction class.  There are 500+ classes in London and dozens I’d like to try.  Broaden your horizons and check out Obby’s website 

Mail Rail

Opening July 2017

I was on one of those random breadcrumb trails that the internet provides, thinking that it’d be cool to check out some of the disused London tube stations…when I came across this little gem of history.

I had no idea there was a subterranean network of automated trains stretching from Paddington to Whitechapel that kept the capital’s communication network flowing for over 75 years…I may have taken that little blurb from the website. 

Anyhoo, you can ride in glass topped carriages through the well light tunnels and check out  the accompanying exhibition.

Am I really boring  for thinking this is really interesting? I don’t even want to know.


If you have anything to add to this meager list, please do share….especially if you’re in southeast Asia, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam that’s my latest destination lust.

Have a great weekend,

Laters navigators x


Images: When in doubt Graffiti will sort you out.  I didnt have any pics to go with the post so street art’d the shit out of it!  All pics were from a ramble around the Gothic sector of Barcelona.


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