One Rock Chick, straight up please?

So, this is a random co-incidence. After my recent post about the rise in popularity of Satan as a hipster bar name – the other night I ended up at Lounge 666 in Archway (London N19)! So bizarre that this keeps happening. What’s going on??

‘The Lounge’ is the opposite side of the universe from my usual hang-outs, although  I have to say the multi-layered pounding from the guitar, bass and drums, the smell of sweat and leather, and the JD and coke I was drinking took me back to my teenage self; the one that dabbled on the outskirts of mosh pits and thought the coolest person in the world was my big brother as he played kiwi-classic venues like Aucklands Powerstation with various indie/punk bands, my favorite of which was the Warners.

I found this little gem of nostalgia on you tube and just have to share. For me this represents glory days, when I was still wide eyed and bushy haired and my world was a tiny cosseted place that was ruled by my parents.

Anyway, I digress, let’s get back to the here and now. The band I went to see, Evyltye, were a revelation.

I’m proud to say their charismatic front woman, Hannah Deleany, is a friend of mine from back in the day – we were in an acapella choir together, maybe 5/6 years ago, so I’m utterly biased and this review may have been deduced though rose coloured lenses. That said, there are plenty of experts raving about them on t’internet so ….? I’ll leave that fine line up to you to figure out.

I’ve worked the door for many live music nights in London and NZ and am no stranger to all the mediocre dross that clogs the gig circuit, Evyltyde were a breath of fresh air. They take their music seriously but not themselves – there was great banter between songs, and I had a chat afterwards with them all – top ladies and gents.  Also, musically, there were several moments that had me on tippy toes peering over heads trying to see how they were making those cool syncopated beats or figure out who was playing what to get such driving multi-dimensional layers (…and you know what, I’m not even a massive fan of the genre, so I think that’s saying something) weaving her strong emotive vocals through all of this was Hannah; I also particularly like the contrasting heavy metal growls and howls from guitarist Danny Merton, in fact, I’d like to hear more of them working in tandem with Hannah -vocally they are the perfect marriage of conflicts.

As a foodie I would liken Evyltyde to a ninja-like plate of Chinese, that’s the perfect balance of sweet, salty and sour (thanks, I’ll take that award for most cringe-fest analogy ever, now please).

For me this night was about supporting my friend and to do that I had to step out of my comfort zone. I hang with a differently dressed tribe these days and stepping into to a rock bar (by myself, the Jetman was ‘busy’) with all its devilish accouterments was a bit intimidating but ya know how the saying goes – fake it till you make it –  after chatting to various people throughout the night its reassuring to see we’re all the same goofballs underneath. I had a really fun evening and have penciled Evyltydes next London gig in to my diary.

For a (perhaps) less biased perspective here’s a couple of ‘proper’ reviews to tickle your fancy.

Disappear: This video isn’t really a good representation of Evyltyde’s music but the song beautiful and touching.   


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